Engineering Consulting

PlugSpeed offers a wide range of Engineering, Project/Program Management, and Construction Management services.

Our Engineering Consulting division has provided a seamless multi-disciplinary approach to projects development and design. We have assisted our clients, in diverse fields, from Telecoms to Oil & Gas, with their engineering design requirements.

We are also very proud of our long-standing heritage in providing specialized consultancy research and development support to our customers, regulatory bodies, and government establishments.

We deliver differentiated technologies, consultancy services, licensor activities, and proprietary equipment that support our customers with their strategic investments, including new grassroots facilities, major upgrades, and facility operability. Highly technical teams provide the specialist know-how and due diligence to make assured decisions on process performance, energy optimization and integrity, yield enhancement, and operations management.

We also provide value-adding project services for our customers, ensuring the best people are sourced, assessed, managed and retained.

From Your Problem
to Great Solution

Solve your project’s most complex challenges with experienced multi-discipline engineering consultants.

1. Cost Reduction

Several clients have turned to PlugSpeed over the years for consultation on how to best implement cost-saving initiatives. Our approach is based on doing what is best for the long-term cost of the facility and focuses on integrating modern technology with project management innovation.

2. Feasibility Studies

We help our customers realize the full potential of their investments in a number of ways. From planning and building new facilities to reviewing, improving, or decommissioning existing infrastructure, our aim is to define the most suitable logistical and commercial project parameters to enhance production, optimize performance or meet legislative and commercial requirements.

3. Due Diligence

We ensure projects overcome risks, obtain financing, are environmentally compatible, and delivered safely. With a wealth of experience across multiple asset types and markets, our due diligence capability provides detailed and impartial advice to help you make informed financial and investment decisions.

4. Training

Our training and development services range from individual awareness courses to full-service site- or asset-specific training and competence programs.

5. Technology & Process Equipment

We use our design and operational know-how to ensure the solutions we provide are unbiased, robust, and safe. In addition to engineering and procurement, we offer fabrication services. Our experience comes from designing, servicing, and improving plants with thousands of hours of successfully and reliably logged operation.

6. Professional Services

PlugSpeed adds value to our customers’ projects by delivering innovative recruitment solutions and industry-leading commercial consulting and systems. We help our customers ensure the best people are sourced, assessed, managed, and retained by providing competent, skilled people to support a diverse range of projects across the asset life cycle.